As the starting line of the successful course of the private investigation agencies Christodoulou, Thessaloniki still constitutes the peak of their activity.


Founded in 315 BC, the city of Thessaloniki is the second biggest city of Greece.

  • With a population that rises up to 012.297 citizens (according to census of 2015), Thessaloniki is the second biggest commercial, economic, industrial and civil center in Greece.
  • At the same time, its port is considered a very significant node for the Greece and southeastern Europe transport network, as it connects the transportations between Europe and Middle East.
  • The city disposes a large community of university students, as in Thessaloniki are located two universities, the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the University of Macedonia and the Alexander Technological Institute of Syndos. The university students in Thessaloniki exceeds the 70.000.
  • During the last years, Thessaloniki has become a famous touristic destination with visitors from all over the world.


The city of Thessaloniki has witnessed an increase in criminality during the last years. The types of crimes and violations that take place vary. Robberies, burglaries, property deprivation, underage harassment and unfortunately many more.

It is noteworthy that the municipality of Thessaloniki has the quadruple rate than the national average regarding the sexual exploitation, a phenomenon that is related to the geographic region and the immigrate streams that travel from this direction to North or South.

A problem that troubles the city significantly is drugs cases, especially in the universities and the surrounding areas as every day big amounts of drugs are pushed.

Private investigator Christodoulou

Private investigator Christodoulou being born and raised in Thessaloniki, is in the position of having a deep understanding about the situation in the city as well as the rest of the municipalities in the prefecture and as he disposes many years of experience in the clarification and the arrangement of thousands of difficult cases, across Greece and abroad, guarantees the successful and effective confrontation of any type of matter with discretion and confidentiality.

Some of the many cases that the private investigator Christodoulou has solved are:



All the cases are examined in great detail by the private investigator Christodoulou himself and his knowledgeable partners.

The private investigation agencies Christodoulou undertake the investigation of any type of case in Thessaloniki and the surrounding areas.