Mykonos: The island that as the time passes becomes more and more popular as a must destination for tourists. The cosmopolitan island of Mykonos, attract visitors of the national and international jet set (and many more), having as a result the name of the island to be considered a synonym of opulence and all day and all night fun.

This results to the illegal activity of many cartels. In addition, due to the long duration of the tourist season, the cases keeps on increasing uncontrollably, something that demands the immediate and comprehensive confrontation.

The private investigation agencies Christodoulou dispose an agency also in the island of Mykonos, in the famous location Super Paradise. With the help from his experienced and highly knowledgeable partners that have solved a great volume of cases such as adultery, missing people, surveillance, property deprivation, bullying, phone surveillance, drugs, address verification, DNA profiling ect., offer the complete and 24/7 clarification of such cases.