Athens: the capital of Greece, the historic city of Europe, the birthplace of the Eastern civilization. The city constitutes the political, economic and historic center of Greece, the most photographed and renowned destination of the country, something that is understandable. With the exquisite Attic climate, the resorts, the monuments, the numerous amazing locations that leave the visitor mesmerized.


In the big urban centers the social interactions are to blame for the high rate of violations against property and the socioeconomic inequities increase the cases of felony, forgery, sexual exploitation, drugs, robberies, theft, burglaries ect. Moreover, the current situation that takes place in the country has as a result the crisis in relationships, ethics and values that keeps on increasing over time. Due to the size of Athens, the list of crimes is endless, with the cases differentiate according to area.

This situation is a challenge for the renowned private investigator Christodoulou. The private investigation agencies Christodoulou are active since the year of their foundation, 1981, all over Greece and abroad, having solved successfully thousands of difficult cases (such as adultery, missing people, surveillance, DNA profiling, phone protection, bullying, drugs, property deprivation, phone surveillance ect.). Having on their side a team of experienced and high knowledgeable experts and the most updated technological equipment (from USA), they are in your disposal 24/7 in order to confront on time and carefully any case or problem that may concern you.