About Us

Christoudoulou Hellas SA private investigations bureaus for over three decades offer their services to the community, responding to the needs of today’s era, which require constant vigilance, alertness and the latest technology equipment that outperforms the competitors!

Our agency, maintains offices in both Greece and USA, taking over under complete secrecy any kind of cases and investigations, all over the Greece and abroad.

The years of experience, the effective organization, our success and the real dedication that we show in your concerns qualifies us as one of the most notable organizations in the world of Private Investigation Services! This recognitions, a result of thousands satisfied customers that chose the private investigation agency Christodoulou Hellas S.A. and their partners for their problem.

An appointment or a discussion with us, will put aside any of your doubts about trusting your case in any other detective agency, and it will reveal to you the ways in which we differ from the competition. We operate with passion, with an immerse sense of responsibility for any kind of your problems, whether it is personal, emotional or professional, without even getting perceived! We make the difference in disguises as well, by passing through all the schools and tests of our field all over the world!