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The years of experience, the effective organization, our success and the real dedication that we show in your concerns qualify us as one of the most notable organizations in the world of Private Investigation Services! This recognition is a result of thousands satisfied customers that chose the private investigation agency Christodoulou Hellas S.A. and their partners for their problem.

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Experience and reliability since 1981

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The Bureau

Christoudoulou Hellas SA private investigations bureaus for over three decades offer their services to the community, responding to the needs of today’s era, which require constant vigilance, alertness and the latest technology equipment that outperforms the competitors!


Medical and Legal Department

Apart from our top private investigators, are bureau collaborates with top executives for its legan and medical cases. The legal department is made up of: Dimitris Raptopoulos, Pepi Ansurian, Dimitris Tsartsitsidis, Katerina Chatzipetrou, Martha Pasalidou and Tania Chionidou, who offer coverage in Greece and America.

From a medical point of view, our beruaus provide coverage for microbiological examinations on DNA identification and drug detection. They collaborate with the distinguished microbiological laboratories of biopathology “BIANALYSIS”, located at 33, Demetriou Gounari Street, with telephone number 2310284946. Finally, the head of the Medical Department of the offices is the surgeon Christoforos Efthimiadis.

 Christodoulou’s  investigation offices conduct investigations all over Greece

Why Choose Detective Christodoulou Agency?

Since 1981, where the first office of Detective Christodoulou opened in Thessaloniki, Christodoulou private investigation agency have investigated and solved thousands of detective cases in Thessaloniki, Athens, province and abroad.

The reasons customers trust Trust Private Detectives Christodoulou

The experience of nearly 40 years makes the private investigation agency Christodoulou, the range of cases that have been solved by the Offices of Detective Christodoulou as well as the complexity of many of them as one of the leaders in the field of private research services. Whether it is adultery, industrial surveillance, telephone tracking, cheating, blackmailing – bullying or any other kind of case our offices are able to solve your problem.
All cases are treated with seriousness, professionalism and discretion. Consistently and confidentially, the desired results are provided to each customer.

Detective Christodoulou Agency offer to all their customers the best possible cost-effectiveness ratio, without any discount on the quality of services.